We also make wines from some Appellations that do not belong to the Domaine itself. Here harvest, vinify and age the wines. During the year we work with the owners to change cultivation methods, which cleaner and respectful of the soils. Then from June /July we take over and manage the vineyards through to the harvest, using our methods and principles.
We propose to the vinegrower to buy his parcel with the price of the maximum authorized yield, which leaves us all freedom to choose our yield thereafter, We try to have a production between 25 and 35 hl according to the vintage and appellation'.

The vineyards in question are:

Corton les Renardes
Corton les Rognets
Aloxe-Corton 1er cru
la Toppe au Vert

Chambolle-Musigny 1er cru
les Gruenchers

In conclusion:

My objective was-and still is- to make the best possible wines by applying rigorously biodynamic principles and never compromise on quality. Since, I have started to make wines in 2002; each vintage taught me different lessons: However the common lesson is at all times to respect nature and soils and never think that we are more intelligent in front of the nature. Nature will always have the last word. Now over to you, reader and consumer of my wines to taste and judge my efforts... and I hope you feel the real passion of my work in each bottle.
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