Cultivation and trading wines has been a family business since the early 18th century. The establishments C.Marey and Comte Liger-Belair, created in 1720 at Nuits Saint-Georges, later quoted on the Lyon Stock Exchange in 1923, counted amongst the most important wine merchant houses in Burgundy. Building on the quality of harvests and that wines, the family endeavoured to enlarge the domaine and to distribute the best wines of Burgundy, both in France and around the world.

1720   Claude Marey, secretary of the king and mayor of Nuits-Saint-Georges, owner of vineyards, founds the wine merchant C.Marey to sell its high-class wines.
1781 Claude Philibert Marey, his son, takes over the wine merchant house.
1804 Death of Claude Philibert Marey, mayor of Nuits-Saint-Georges. His son Guillaume Felix Marey takes over.
1852 Comte Louis Liger-Belair, owner of vinyeards in Vosne-Romane and son in law of G.F. Marey becomes an associate in the business that now trades in the name of C.MAREY and Comte LIGER-BELAIR.
1869 Death of Guillaume Felix Marey, Comte Louis Liger-Belair continues solely to manage the merchant house.
1878 Death of the Comte Louis Liger-Belair. His son, the Comte Edgard Liger-Belair, becomes chairman of the House.
1906 With his three sons, Comte Edgard Liger-Belair creates the partnership LIGER-BELAIR et Fils Successeurs.
1915 Death of the comte Edgard Liger-Belair.
1949 Felix Liger-Belair, son of the Comte Edgard, becomes sole chairman of the board. His Xavier son acts as is general manager.
1982 Death of Xavier Liger-Belair, sale of the wine merchant company. That same year his son Vincent son, supported by his mother, takes over the family buildings, restructures the Domaine, and reorganizes the vine cultivation through three vinegrowers of the Cte de Nuits.
2001 and 2003 Thibault Liger-Belair, son of Vincent, creates DOMAINE THIBAULT LIGER-BELAIR to exploit the familys historic vineyards. He creates simultaneously the wine merchant company: THIBAULT LIGER-BELAIR SUCCESSEURS.

After six years of study of vine growing and oenology, Thibault starts his career in a company specialized in the communication around the wine business, located in Paris. He works with and tastes the greatest wines of the world. After two years, he launches Wine and Co an internet wine merchant. Since 2001 Thibault Liger Belair acts as chairman of Domaine Thibault Liger-Belair and is fully involved in the production of wines.

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